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Anita Bates

Anita Bates (born, 1966) is an artist and educator living in the Detroit metropolitan area.  Her paintings are primarily abstract ‘landscapes’ that focus heavily on the language of color, texture and space.  Anita has been exhibited in several venues including the G.R. N’Namdi Gallery and Center for Contemporary Art, Dell Pryor, Detroit Artists Market and The River’s Edge Gallery in Wyandotte, Michigan.  Ms. Bates has also exhibited in New York at A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery.


The artist and her work have been noted and reviewed in several periodicals and publications such as The Detroit News and Free Press, Trait Magazine, BLAC Magazine and most recently, Imago Mundi Luciano Benetton Collection.


Anita holds an M.F.A. and M.A. in painting from Wayne State University and Eastern Michigan University respectively.  As well, she is a Fulbright Memorial Fellow in Japanese education and is currently  a PhD candidate in Art Education.  Presently she teaches art at Henry Ford Academy:  School for Creative Studies and is an adjunct faculty member in the College for Creative Studies’ art education department.


       My work uses texture and space as its primary language.  There is always the presence of a horizon or division in the surface that suggests an abstracted landscape.  Perhaps this stems from a secret desire to be a landscape painter.  

      The environment and the ground upon which we walk every day is where I find greatest inspiration.  Whether it be the channeled and striated surfaces of tree bark or the gravel and asphalt that I encounter everyday on the streets of Detroit, my paintings embody the travels of a city girl. 

      I use the principles of movement and pattern to navigate the various textures, shapes and spaces that one encounters when experiencing my work—the aforementioned elements and principles  mingling to  create a feeling of a rich tapestry or quilt.  

      It is my hope that the viewer becomes  lost, even entranced when examining the multitude of layering that exists in my work.  

  This layering is metonymy in that it reflects the many facets of self —gritty and bold, yet elegant; And if painting reflects an artist's soul, then I can truly say that my surfaces are an extension of who I am.--Anita

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